Our Gurus have a market leading approach

and values that are unmatched.

We are traffic-centric

We are not an oldschool SEO who spruiks Ranks and Guarantees, we are focused on delivering traffic and business to our customers.

We are agile

We work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve for Google and never use old tactics. This agility in our service delivery means you can be sure your investment is safeguarded by strong research and development .

We are experienced

Our Gurus have worked on many different types of campaigns from Hosting to Protein Shakes and have a broad array of experience to work successfully on any campaign.

We show integrity

We set realistic expectations with our customers and will refuse business if we cant get the desired results. We do deliver as promised and add value to our clients.


The management team

Mez Homayunfard Managing Director

A little about Mez

Mez Homayunfard is a co-founder of the Online Maketing Gurus and heads up the company’s Sales and Marketing division. Mez started his career in business development in the technology space after graduating with a degree in Commerce and Marketing from Macquarie University. Although from a sales background, Mez has always had an avid interest in online business and regularly works on the organic search strategies for some of Australia’s leading brands search campaigns.

Andrew Raso Operations Director

A little about Andrew

Andrew Raso is a co-founder of the Online Marketing Gurus and heads their service delivery team. Andrew has years of experience in the online marketing field and has a passion to helping clients succeed online. Known for coming up with new and mind blowing SEO strategies, Andrew is the go-to man for everything SEO and traffic related.

Andrew has worked on some of some very large well known brands, developing in-depth strategies and executing them perfectly. Andrew believes the key to success in this industry is to always stay ahead of the game!

Neil Patel Partner

A little about Neil

Neil Patel is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and analytics expert. He is best known for his work in digital marketing, and as the cofounder of the analytics companies KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg. Forbes mentioned him as a top 10 internet marketer in the world and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by the united nations. President Obama recognised him as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30.  Patel is also a contributor to publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, TechCrunch, Mashable, Business Insider, Moz, and Geekwire.

Brands Neil has worked on

The gurus

Paul Mckinnon: Chief Financial Officer


Vahe Arabian: SEO Manager


Cecilie Larsen: PPC Director


Steven Wang: Technical Director

Gina Fink: Outreach and PR Specialist

Matt Alchin: Content Strategist


Sindy Nguyen: SEO Team lead (Content Specialist)


Aunns Maki: SEO Analyst


Danny Andrawes: Accounts Director


Jess Xu: SEO Team Lead


Elliot Pavatich “Pavs”: SEO Team Lead & Content Specialist


Kristie Lum: SEO Team Lead


Stuart Read: SEO Team Lead & Tech Expert


Liam Cavanagh: Content Production Specialist

We drive business growth with a 5 step process

and we're transparent about every single step

Tell Us About You

At OMG we focus on targeting the most highly relevant, conversion friendly and traffic driving keywords for your business. Once our initial Tell us about you phase is completed we will have the basis to provide you with a preliminary list of keywords we will target.

We will pick your main core products & services and pick the most relevant keywords associated with these. Our strategy is to focus on long tail location keywords first and build critical mass to achieve rankings for short tail keywords. This allows for an accelerated return on investment and long term results.

Keyword Research, Keyword Mapping & Indepth-site Audit

At OMG we focus on targeting the most highly relevant, conversion friendly and traffic driving keywords for your business. Once our initial Tell us about you phase is completed we will have the basis to provide you with a preliminary list of keywords we will target.

Our team will undertake an in depth Keyword Research, Keyword Mapping and Website Audit to make sure your site is perfectly optimised from top to bottom.

Relevance & Coding

The Site Relevance Building & Programming phase helps to fast track the results of your SEO Campaign. This is where your SEO Programmer slices and dices the back end of your website to ensure Google Compliance and friendliness, and your SEO Consultant ensures you have the right types and amount of content to target your desired customers and that the site is optimised to attract your desired customers.

Phase 3 Involved the implementation of the Keyword Mapping phase along with any issues that are identified in our in-depth site audit.

Building Site Authority

The Site Popularity and Influence Building phase of your SEO Campaign is where our Link Builders and Blogging Team find high quality relevant websites to yours and post custom built content with embedded links pointing back to your website to Drive Traffic and Boost Rankings simultaneously. Creation of assets can also be used into leveraging high quality links.
Google has ruthlessly cracked down on websites with poor quality backlinks, footer Links, Social Book Marking and Blog Commenting; These things as well as SEO Guarantees are a thing of the past.

Ongoing Monthly Reporting

We report on our work on a monthly basis. These reports are in depth and will cover the following:

  1.  Changes in organic traffic volumes 
  2.  Breakdown of which search terms are producing traffic
  3.  Percent-age increases in traffic month on month
  4. Competitor Analysis and Changes
  5. Lead Value
  6. ROI Measuring
  7.  Links that have we built (yes we show you because we are proud of the work we do!)
  8.  Breakdown of work for the month, and where your monthly investment has gone.

Our unique SEO delivers our clients real leads

We don't count keywords. We count results.

  • 18 months later a 300k a year business is now on its way to $250k/month in sales.

    Local SEO Strategy. From 0 to 10 leads a day on average

    Page 1 top 3 for most competitive bracket of keywords”

  • - 35% Increase in organic traffic in 3 months

    -1st position on page 1 for main terms ‘driving lessons’ & ‘Driving Schools’

    - 400+ Keyword Reach

  • -Page 1 Position 1 “ Supplements”

    -240% increase in Organic Traffic in 7 months

    -Keyword Market Share increase from 300 keywords to over 1500

  • 32% Uplift in Traffic in 2nd month

    42% Increase in Organic SEO Sales

    42% hike in organic sales within 3 months

  • Increase in ranked keywords from 167 to over 800

    Organic sales increase 6 fold

    Monthly traffic tripled in 12 months

  • Increase in traffic of 320% in 12 months

    Page 1 Position 2 for “ Rugs” and over 500 other terms.

    Generated less than 3k of visitors, 12 months later it ranks for over 500 and generates over 9k visitors.

  • 185.71% Increase in Organic sales in under 3 months

    Overall visibility increase from 527 keywords to over 901

    Nearly tripled online transactions in under 3 months.


Winners are grinners… Some names you might know that we’ve helped win Online

“I would just like to thank Mez, Andrew and the rest of the team at Online Marketing Gurus for doing such an amazing job on the Rug Master website. Initially when we started we were only getting a few visitors a day, now 5 months later we are receiving over a 100 visitors a day just from organic traffic. We have also noticed more sales through the website! As for rankings we are now on the 1st page for all our main keywords which include ‘Rugs’ in position 2 and ‘Rugs Sydney’ in position 1! Thank you guys, keep it up!”

Rug Master

“Online Marketing Guru’s have been an integral part to the growth of Aussie Supplements Online. from the start they created a structured plan that actually made sense and executed it seamlessly. With Google constantly updating their search algorithms we saw competitors rankings drop and ours rise which is a testament to the legitimacy of their work. If you’re looking for a company that will actually listen to your businesses need and return your investment, then I highly recommend OMG.”

Jesse Hanley
Aussie Supplements

“Andrew and the Online Marketing Gurus team have delivered remarkable SEO results for Stellina in an extremely short space of time. Their passion for service excellence was evident from the very start of our campaign – they took the time to really listen to our requirements and convert this into a results driven strategy.OMG certainly stand out from the crowd and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow our business in partnership with them.”

Melina Zipparo
Stellina Cute Couture

The online marketing gurus DNA and vision.


At the Online Marketing Gurus we have a core value that is unmatched and a vision to make the Web Simple and profitable for all of our clients. What we found in our industry is that most organisations miss the fundamentals of what it is to be a Online Marketing company..Driving business growth and ROI. Our values of forward thinking, integrity, honesty and creating fans lead us to drive an investment for our clients that is

Profitable, Simple, Focused on delivering growth.

Our core values do not allow our team to equate “success” with rankings other other fallacies our industry has created. Our Gurus remain utterly focussed on overall traffic for our clients and growing their businesses

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Phone: (02) 8202 9970
Email: info@onlinemarketinggurus.com.au


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Head Office: Sydney - Jones Bay Wharf - Suite 33
26-32 Pirrama Road,
NSW 2009

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Other contact details

Phone: Sydney Office (02) 8202 9970
Email: info@onlinemarketinggurus.com.au

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Jones Bay Wharf - Suite 33,
26-32 Pirrama Road,
NSW 2009

Los Angeles



Los Angeles