We drive business growth with a 5 step process

and we're transparent about every single step

Tell Us About You

At OMG we focus on targeting the most highly relevant, conversion friendly and traffic driving keywords for your business. Once our initial Tell us about you phase is completed we will have the basis to provide you with a preliminary list of keywords we will target.

We will pick your main core products & services and pick the most relevant keywords associated with these. Our strategy is to focus on long tail location keywords first and build critical mass to achieve rankings for short tail keywords. This allows for an accelerated return on investment and long term results.

Keyword Research, Keyword Mapping & Indepth-site Audit

At OMG we focus on targeting the most highly relevant, conversion friendly and traffic driving keywords for your business. Once our initial Tell us about you phase is completed we will have the basis to provide you with a preliminary list of keywords we will target.

Deriving from your main products and/or services we will pick the most relevant keywords associated with these. Our strategy is to focus on long tail location keywords first and build critical mass to achieve rankings for short tail keywords. This allows for an accelerated return on investment and long term results.

Relevance & Coding

The Site Relevance Building & Programming phase helps to fast track the results of your SEO Campaign. This is where your SEO Programmer slices and dices the back end of your website to ensure Google Compliance and friendliness, and your SEO Consultant ensures you have the right types and amount of content to target your desired customers and that the site is optimised to attract your desired customers.

Phase 3 Involved the implementation of the Keyword Mapping phase along with any issues that are identified in our in-depth site audit.

Building Site Authority

The Site Popularity and Influence Building phase of your SEO Campaign is where our Link Builders and Blogging Team find high quality relevant websites to yours and post custom built content with embedded links pointing back to your website to Drive Traffic and Boost Rankings simultaneously.
Google has ruthlessly cracked down on websites with poor quality backlinks, footer Links, Social Book Marking and Blog Commenting; These things as well as SEO Guarantees are a thing of the past.

Ongoing Monthly Reporting

We report on our work on a monthly basis. These reports are in depth and will cover the following:

  1.  Changes in organic traffic volumes 
  2.  Breakdown of which search terms are producing traffic
  3.  Percent-age increases in traffic month on month
  4.  Links that have we built (yes we show you because we are proud of the work we do!)
  5.  Breakdown of work for the month, and where your monthly investment has gone.

Our unique SEO delivers our clients real leads

We don't count keywords. We count results.

  • * Have grown their website from zero to now producing 3-5 warm leads per day.

    * 500% Increase in Traffic in 4 months!

    * 1st page for keywords such as – ‘Plumber’ & ‘Plumber Sydney’

  • - 35% Increase in organic traffic in 3 months

    -1st position on page 1 for main terms ‘driving lessons’ & ‘Driving Schools’

    - 400+ Keyword Reach

  • -200% Increase in organic traffic in 5 months

    -400% Increase in Sales in 6 months

    -Rankings for all their main keywords – ‘Supplements’, ‘Supplements online’

    -1300+ Keywords ranked for


Our Gurus have a market leading approach

and values that are unmatched.

We are traffic-centric

We are not an oldschool SEO who spruiks Ranks and Guarantees, we are focused on delivering traffic and business to our customers.

We are agile

We work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve for Google and never use old tactics. This agility in our service delivery means you can be sure your investment is safeguarded by strong research and development .

We are experienced

Our Gurus have worked on many different types of campaigns from Hosting to Protein Shakes and have a broad array of experience to work successfully on any campaign .

We show integrity

We set realistic expectations with our customers and will refuse business if we cant get the desired results. We do deliver as promised and add value to our clients .

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Online Marketing Gurus – SEO Sydney

The Online Marketing Gurus specialise in a new form of SEO Services called Organic Search Marketing. Organic search marketing is the new age version of SEO and combines the following practices to drive more leads, traffic and sales:

  1. Online Market research:  Working with your business to understand your SEO goals, your online market and the level of competition
  2. Site relevancy and coding: Making your site SEO friendly not only for Google’s SEO bots but also for your end consumer. When Google decides who ranks for a keyword and gains traffic it all comes down to SEO relevancy… That is, your site’s ability to:
    1. Be relevant for your searching customers: Ie having relevant SEO and Sales content targeting the desired keywords your customers are searching
    2. Be relevant for SEO and Search engines: Search engines are simply advanced softwares that sort and display the world’s information. Making your site “SEO friendly” entails having all of the right codes and schemas to make the search engine/google understand what your site is about
  3. Online PR/ Site authority and influence boosting:  A major element of organic search marketing and SEO comes down to how much authority and influence your site holds. Google understands that businesses that are talked about and are popular are the most relevant to end searchers.

Building up your sites “SEO influence” or “SEO authority” involves finding other relevant high quality wesbites and encouraging them to link back to you. The Online Marketing Gurus focus on content marketing, and SEO focused Online PR. This is why our clients achieve strong ongoing growth. We do not focus on mass scale link building like other SEO Services firms as this no longer works.

By maintaining a focus on traffic and content, our SEO Services or OSM team as we call them have managed to achieve strong growth for our clients which can be seen on our SEO Case studies page. Just so you know, although we are based in Sydney we offer our SEO Services in all different locations around Australia such as Brisbane, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide!

What makes the Online Marketing Gurus different from other Australian SEO Companies in Sydney and SEO Services on the market?

The Australian SEO services industry, has come under a large amount of scrutiny over the past 12 months. This is predominantly due to Australian SEO companies taking a very reactive approach to Google’s algorithm changes and focusing on “mass scale” marketing on a low cost model.. This simply doesn’t work.

The Online Marketing Gurus Organic Search or SEO Services focus on ongoing growth which is delivered through tailored  Professional SEO strategies and campaigns. Before discussing SEO keywords or SEO packages with customers we always aim to understand first our client/potential clients business needs, target market and budget first.

The Online Marketing Gurus SEO strategies focus success around traffic growth not rankings. SEO rankings are extremely volatile and commonly used as a distraction by many firms. We believe the strategic goal of any great SEO campaign is to drive traffic, leads, sales and enquiries to a site.

Client success stories by Sydney’s leading Search Engine Optimisation company the Online Marketing Gurus

At the Online Marketing Gurus our customer-centric brand value means we derive all of our success from that of our clients. Below are some of the success stories to date:

Rugmaster.com.au: Rugmaster.com.au had worked with several different SEO Companies in the past and were looking for an SEO Services provider in Sydney who could drive traffic in the extremely competitive SEO market for Rugs.

The Online Marketing Gurus were given the contract for the SEO Services on this site and do date have delivered over  200% increase in organic search traffic and SEO rankings for the most high traffic keywords “Rugs” (18,100 SEO Searches a month)

Ltrent.com.au: Ltrent.com.au are Australia’s leaders in drivers education and driving lessons and were looking for a Australian Search Engine Optimisation company in Sydney to help take their online exposure and bookings to the next level.

The Online Marketing Gurus were hired to deliver a tailored SEO services program that combined content marketing, Online PR and technical SEO. This lead to over 54% traffic increase in under 4 months and a year on year uplift of bookings of 250%.

Aussiesupplements.com.au: Aussie Supplements are Australia’s leading Online and Bricks and Mortar retailer for bodybuilding supplements. Aussie supps needed a SEO Services company in Sydney to help take their brand exposure and traffic to the next level as well as their store traffic.

The Online Marketing Gurus designed a tailored SEO Services program that combined content marketing, online PR and Online research to boost the site’s traffic. Aussie Supps since undertaking the SEO Services of the Online Marketing Gurus have seen over 200% increase in sales and traffic.

LPZPlumbingservices.com.au: The LPZ Plumbing team are an up and coming residential plumbing business in Sydney. SEO services and SEO companies were a new thing for this business having only been established for under 12 months. LPZ were looking for a reliable Australian SEO company to guide their business through this process and make it simple, profitable and deliver growth.

After working on a tailored Local Search Engine Optimisation strategy with OMG, entailing local market research, tailored content and Online PR the LPZ Plumbing Team now generate 14 to 27 leads a week off their website and have been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald. The SEO campaign for LPZ is one of the premier campaigns of The Online Marketing Gurus as it is one of the most competitive SEO markets. This site has SEO rankings for keywords such as “plumber”, “plumber sydney” and “Emergency plumber sydney” (if you are privvy to SEO you will know this is an incredible SEO feat that would get even the geekiest of SEO gurus or SEO aficionados excited!)

Stellina Cute Couture: Stellina Cute Couture are one of Sydney’s leading retailers of children’s wedding clothes in their Mosman Boutique. The Stellina site Cute Couture business wanted an Australian SEO company and partner for their business to drive their brand, their online market growth and online sales.

The Online Marketing Gurus came highly recommended as a leading Search Engine Optimisation company and were enlisted by Stellina Cute Couture to design a tailored SEO Services program of works to deliver the desired business growth and exposure. The Online Marketing Gurus implemented our E-Commerce SEO Service which included Technical SEO, Online PR focused SEO, and Content marketing tailored to reach the desired markets. Stellina saw in excess of 150% traffic increase within 8 weeks.

Looking for an experienced SEO Consultant? The Online Marketing Gurus have a team of over 8 local and 21 world wide SEO Consultants:

At the Online Marketing Gurus we believe that offering market leading Enterprise and Corporate SEO services requires the most experienced SEO Consultant. Any SEO Consultant engaged by our clients has the experience and training working on campaigns all the way from micro SMBs all the way through to multinational companies. Enterprise SEO and Corporate SEO requires an SEO Consultant who can think outside the box and critically analyse your SEO Market to come up with an actionable plan of works to drive your business growth.

Why are we known as the SEO Sydney specialists:

1/ The Online Marketing Gurus stay ahead of the curve for all search trends so you know when you choose our SEO Sydney services you will get growth for the long run.

2/ The Online Marketing Gurus have a team of specialist content writers, PR specialists and Tech specialists to drive the highest ROI when you spend on SEO in Sydney

3/ We hold SEO Sydney Seminars: The Online Marketing Gurus hold workshops on SEO regularly, we lead the pack, we don’t follow.

4/ Our SEO Sydney team have delivered and executed over 40 high profile and diverse SEO campaigns that have generated strong growth for our clients, we are experienced.

SEO Sydney Training workshops:

Are you looking to get your team or organisation skilled up on SEO? You should speak to the Online Marketing Gurus team about SEO Sydney Training workshops. Our team have held numerous SEO Sydney training workshops, including doing so for the likes of LTrent Driving School, Sarah Wilson’s IQuit Sugar and Mayne Rugs. What different types of SEO Sydney training workshops are available?

- Tailored SEO Training (The fundaments of SEO)
- Paid SEO Market Analysis and research.
- SEO Sydney conferences : Need a speaker on SEO? The Online Marketing Gurus can present at your conference.


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Other contact details

Phone: (02) 8202 9970
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