Episode 1:
Kat Warboys
Ever wondered what HubSpot's secret sauce is? 🤔
We sit down with Kat Warboys, Head of Marketing for HubSpot ANZ and discuss all things digital:
🤖 Chatbots + AI
🌍 Global marketing
🚀 Sales Enablement
📣 Events Marketing
Episode 2:
Scott Bywater
What if there was one word that improved your ad copy?
We interview Scott Bywater, Managing Director of Copywriting That Sells, about all things:
✏️ Copywriting
📝 Content
✉️ Email
Episode 3:
Mark Baartse
COVID-19 changed the face of marketing, but what's changed? 🤔
We interview Mark Baartse—renowned marketing consultant, and ex-Showpo CMO—to discuss all things:
🖥 Data
📣 Branding
🤖 A.I.
Episode 4:
Laura Morelli
How do SEMrush maintain such huge online reach? 🤔
We interview Laura Morelli—Head of Media for UK & Australia—to discuss all things digital during COVID-19:
🖥 Data
📝 Content
📣 PR & Media
Episode 5:
Cynthia Dearin
Thinking of taking your business global? Don't do it until you've watched this! 🌏
We sit down with Cynthia Dearin, Founder of Dearin & Associates, to discuss all things marketing:
🌏 Global Marketing
🔍 Digital Marketing
🧠 Business Strategy
📣 Social Media
Episode 6:
Taryn Williams
Wondering how to fit data-driven marketing into your business strategy? 🧩
We sit down with Taryn Willaims, CEO & Founder of theright.fit, to discuss all things:
🔍 Digital Marketing
🚀 Business Growth
📣 Branding
🖥 Data
Episode 7:
Caitlin Hutchinson
Digital + Email = ROI? 🤔
We sit down with Caitlin Hutchinson, Director of Marketing @ Sendlane, to discuss all things:
🔍 Digital Marketing
✉️ Email Marketing
🛍 Ecommerce
📝 Content Marketing
Episode 8:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

What is Confessions of a Marketing Mind?

Confessions of a Marketing Mind is our new video series in which key marketers within the Australian business landscape reveal their tip-top secrets and strategies that will help you smash your marketing goals. We’re interviewing the brightest marketers from some of the biggest brands so you can get insights on only the best tried-and-tested strategies. 

Discover how they scaled their business for future growth, how they tapped into the latest trends, how they nailed global domination, how to be innovative, creative, and resilient… Plus much more!

What is the video series about?

The difference between success and failure in the world of online marketing. You’ll hear from senior marketers as they explore some of the biggest challenges: 

  • How do enterprise marketers discern and identify opportunity 
  • How do seasoned marketing experts build their strength and mastery? 

There are many things we need to master to achieve genuine marketing success - so don’t die wondering, and start watching!

When are the new episodes released?

Each year, we aim to launch 6–10 episodes that will open the doors to online marketing strategies you can adopt no matter what stage of growth your company is in. Even for those who have been in the business for a while, there’s always room for improvement. 

Each episode will help you gain a competitive edge over your rivals. Why? Because tested and proven direct marketing is your best bet for getting ahead.

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