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Connect to conversion-ready customers through targeted SEO services.

If you want to stand above the competition on must-win Google search results, then you need SEO services that go above and beyond the norm. That means innovative, white hat SEO campaigns utilising cold, hard numbers. For long-lasting results that’ll help your business see extraordinary results for years to come, it’s crucial that you team up with an SEO agency in Darwin that will do the hard yards and avoid cheap tricks or smoke and mirrors.

For high-quality SEO services, there’s no better team more equipped to handle any business situation than our Gurus. Using advanced SEO practices based upon proven strategies, our SEO experts can help your business unlock massive business growth. Through our decades of combined experience tackling unique situations from a variety of different industries and backgrounds, we’re beyond confident that we can craft an SEO campaign that perfectly complements your current digital direction.

Our team of SEO consultants can deftly navigate the ever-changing maze that is the Google algorithm. Through this, we can pinpoint optimisations and targeted SEO tactics that’ll unleash serious revenue growth. Take your ROI and push it into overdrive with effective SEO services. Partner with the Online Marketing Gurus today.

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"Gildan Brands has been working with OMG now for 6 months, and have seen great initial progress in our domain authority, organic search rankings and website traffic. Emily our account manager is great to work with, very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful."
Gildan Brands
James Loganathan - E‑Commerce and Marketing
"Very professional marketing agency who have already established some quick wins for our business. Would highly recommend them to any business looking to boost their SEO rankings."
Conor Reynolds - Founding Director
"Excellent agency to work with and very knowledgeable in their field. Highly recommend using Online Marketing Gurus for all your SEO needs!"
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Our SEO Approach

Every adjustment we make on any SEO campaign, no matter how minor, is based upon evidence and numbers. Whether it’s our first comprehensive audit of your brand or routine maintenance check, our data-driven approach shapes everything we do.

Mez Homayunfard
Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships
Your free introductory audit

Kick-start your search engine optimisation journey with OMG through an extensive audit of your website. This gives us vital information that’ll help inform you for key opportunities of improvement. We look into not only your website content and keyword focus, but we also delve into your technical optimisations as well as your off-page SEO situation.

Keyword research

A foundation of any SEO campaign is keyword research. We focus on relevant keywords that also provide the best opportunity to turn a profit. Our keyword research incorporates various industry-standard tools which we use to identify your current position and how your competitors rank as well.

Competitor research

Any SEO Darwin agency knows the importance of staying ahead of your feisty competition. No matter where you are in Darwin, the digital space is an even battleground where anyone with a targeted SEO strategy can rise to the top. We’ll highlight what your rivals are up to and divulge how we can cherry-pick and revamp successful ideas for our original SEO campaigns.

Website migration

Reworking your website can be a daunting task that could easily become extremely costly to your SEO if done incorrectly. Our Gurus will meticulously manage your website migration to minimise any ranking fluctuations on Google search results. Whether you’re switching platforms or rebranding, our Gurus will ensure everything goes to plan.

Link building

Underrated by many businesses, link building can help dramatically enhance your search engine rankings in just a matter of moments. We house a specialist link building that is all about finding you relevant high-authority links for your brand. Moreover, we provide link building to your site at scale to grow naturally with every SEO campaign.

Extensive reporting

At OMG we provide complete transparency on where your money is going and how it’s being used in the overall SEO Darwin strategy. That’s why we provide robust monthly updates detailing everything there is to know about your campaign. We’ll showcase major wins attained over the month on top of potential areas of further growth going forward.

Content creation

An essential part of any complete SEO Darwin campaign is the creation of meaningful, click-worthy content. This means we take the time to carefully build unique, engaging, and high-quality pieces of content that readers can’t help but share with their friends. We want to showcase the wonders of your brand to the world, and content creation is a fantastic way to do so.

Onpage optimisation

If you want to have your key service pages displayed at the top of search engine results, then you absolutely need to have onpage optimisation. Our Gurus - using the aforementioned keyword research - will strengthen each page on relevant search terms across your website. From your page title, URL, down to the last sentence of the page, we’ll ensure every word is perfectly optimised for search engine success.

Technical SEO

The downfall of many websites, technical SEO can make or break your overall success on any search engine no matter how great your brand is. Our experienced team of technical specialists will do the dirty work to ensure your website remains as speedy as ever and can be easily read by a search engine like Google.

Mez Homayunfard
Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships

Quality SEO services that guarantee revenue-raising results

Team up with an SEO Darwin agency that you can trust. Enjoy consistently positive returns by partnering with SEO experts that do more than just increase organic traffic - they generate ROI-smashing sales.

Local specialists that understand your business

When you partner with OMG, you’re working with a Darwin SEO agency that truly understands your unique business situation. Whether you need SEO in Darwin to stand atop localised search results or desire success nationally or internationally, our Gurus will ensure every campaign we push forward all but guarantees a major boost in search traffic and sales.

We’ve worked with a variety of different clients ranging from Fujitsu to Vodafone to Calvin Klein. All of which enjoy magnificent results on all things SEO. So, if you’re in need of talented local experts who can rejuvenate your brand in the digital space, look no further than the Online Marketing Gurus.

Honest SEO executed with complete transparency
Our focus coming into every campaign is how our changes generate your business authentic results. That means no cheap tricks, smoke and mirrors, or underhanded techniques to create dishonest returns. As such, every optimisation we implement is done to ensure that your brand website benefits in both the short and long term, no matter how many changes Google makes to their algorithm.
Moreover, we aim to keep you in the loop of everything we do for your brand. Nothing’s worse than putting trust in an SEO agency only for them to shut you out of their SEO process. We’ll go above and beyond to regularly communicate to you our strategies and explain jargon-free how it’ll benefit you.
Top-rated 4.9/5 stars by 450+ reviews

If you want to team up with the best SEO agency in Darwin, look no further than the Online Marketing Gurus. Our rock-solid SEO process has been helping Darwin businesses reach their business goals time and time again, no matter how ambitious they are. Boasting a passionate team of SEO Darwin experts, we can help your Darwin business reach its full potential. 

What’s more, with an extraordinary 4.9/5 rating on Google reviews based on 450+ past and present clients, we’re all but certain working with us will guarantee marvellous results. Still don’t believe us? Peruse our selection of case studies with previous clients and how we helped them achieve huge results.

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Enjoy unmatched results through effective SEO

To experience authentic SEO success, you need to collaborate with a Darwin SEO agency that will go that extra mile to give you results. And that’s exactly who the Online Marketing Gurus are.

Simon Hancock
Head of Account Management
Elevate your local search rankings

Local SEO can be a challenge if you don’t know your way. Luckily, our Gurus know all the nifty tricks to have you ranking atop the local search results. From Google Maps listings to simple on-page SEO, our local SEO strategies have provided thousands of local businesses with goal-smashing returns for many years.

Slay eCommerce giants and upgrade your online sales

Don’t back down from the behemoth eCommerce websites that seem to swallow all online visibility. Our hyper-targeted SEO strategies can help your brand knock out the competition and help you attain that much needed organic website traffic. We’ll help you focus on ready-to-buy users and have you reaping the results on all the search engines.

Go global with International SEO

Thinking about hitting the global battlefield? Not to worry, our digital marketing Gurus have helped countless businesses both small and large make a mark on the international stage. With a bit of language optimisation on your site and some essential competitor analysis, we can get your brand dominating any search engine in no time.

Encourage leads to become buyers overnight

That final step between lead and sale can often be the hardest. Thankfully our team can streamline your sales funnel to not only target the right customers but also drive more leads to click that ‘purchase’ button. We’ll quickly smooth out pain points in the funnel as well as track lead movement, all of which provide vital data on how we construct our SEO strategy.

Genuine SEO success on a massive scale

Enterprise-level SEO can be a complex beast for a lesser SEO company, but our Gurus are more than up to the challenge. We’ll work the Google algorithms to your favour, with an SEO strategy that encompasses all areas of the business. Whether you need a scalable site architecture or laser-focused on-site optimisation, our experts can get you the results you desire.

Need an SEO reseller in Darwin?

If you require SEO services while you focus your marketing team on other vital channels, OMG is more than happy to help. Our SEO agency will take the stress on all things search engine marketing while still giving you the credit. We can provide SEO services across all areas or focus on a key area from link-building to content creation. Whatever you need, we can easily provide.

Simon Hancock
Head of Account Management
Success Stories
Let the numbers do the talking. Our clients have achieved incredible results!
Looking to boost their organic traffic, The Modern Furniture Store turned to OMG for help. See how they were able to increase organic traffic by 34%
Manly Pavilion is one of Sydney's best indoor and outdoor restaurants, housed in a beautiful heritage listed building overlooking the harbour. That's why they partnered with OMG on a custom SEO strategy. The result? 40% more organic traffic and 31% more organic keywords ranking.
Edible Beauty is an all Australian luxury brand. We supported with marketing that helped them go global. OMG has consistently delivered results as stunning as their products. 104% more organic traffic, 368% more organic revenue, 417% return on paid advertising spend.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

Will my business benefit from Darwin SEO?

Yes! If you want your brand to make a splash on the digital stage, then you absolutely need to incorporate search engine optimisation (SEO) into your overall marketing strategy.

With millions of people across the world searching on search engines such as Google or Bing, setting aside even just a moment of time on SEO could mark the difference between a customer buying with you or another brand. What’s more, simply appearing on a search engine won’t cut it, you need to be on that first page.

Still unsure about SEO? Here are the facts. Organic search - so going on Google or Bing - drives 53.3% of all website traffic. Search results on the second page of Google only receive 0.78% of all clicks. Plus, with more than 5.6 billion searches happening on Google alone every day, neglecting search engine optimisation will only do your business a huge disservice. Whether it’s just a bit of local SEO or conducting website development to improve speed, SEO work can help your site enjoy massive boosts in organic traffic and sales.

What are some tips before hiring a Darwin SEO Company?

Two areas need to be a priority for any Darwin SEO agency worth your time: results and transparency.

If the Darwin SEO agency you're interested in doesn’t have the drive to generate results and is instead focused on highlighting strategies that don’t seem to improve your bottom line, then they should be avoided entirely. Furthermore, do they have a proven track record with past clients across all search engines? If they fail to showcase any past successes, they might need to be taken off your list of potential SEO agencies.

What’s more, how will the Darwin SEO agency communicate with you? Preferably, the Darwin SEO agency should keep in touch with you on a regular basis that fits your schedule. In addition, every report should have complete transparency on how the results were achieved, both the good and the areas that need improvement. 

Regardless of who you decide to team up with, we strongly recommend getting to know your point of contact early. This can prove vital when it comes to understanding the results being attained as well as the SEO strategies being used to achieve them. 

What is the average cost of good SEO in Darwin?

While a valid question, there sadly is not a simple answer for the average cost of “good” SEO in Darwin, as it can be completely different from one business to the next.

One person might require a comprehensive search engine optimisation marketing strategy while another person only requires assistance with competitor analysis and local SEO. In both of these scenarios, the average cost can vary drastically. Moreover, the cost of SEO in Darwin can rise and fall dramatically based on a huge variety of factors. From your industry, business goals, down to the keywords you target, these factors all impact how much digital marketing agencies charge. 

At the end of the day, search engine optimisation can be a daunting task, and finding the best SEO company for your business can prove a challenge. While SEO in Darwin could prove ‘cheap’ with a certain agency, the organic traffic returns could prove fruitless in the long run. Conversely, teaming up with an SEO agency in Darwin on an affordable campaign, if optimised correctly and utilising white-hat techniques, can give you blockbuster returns.

The best way to decide how much you should spend on SEO in Darwin is to not just refer to your overall budget but to understand the digital agency you’re willing to partner with. If you partner with an SEO industry-leading company with a proven track record that’ll get you the results you desire using only the best SEO practices, then the cost should prove little issue.

Why choose Online Marketing Gurus SEO Darwin?

At OMG, we don’t just talk the talk, we deliver fantastic results time and time again that other SEO agencies just can’t produce. Whether you need some help with local SEO in Darwin to increase your Google rankings or want a digital marketing agency to solve some technical SEO issues your site is facing through web development, our SEO consultants are more than up to the task. Through our data-driven approach using platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and more, we can extrapolate key insights and opportunities for your business to drastically improve online traffic and - most importantly - your bottom line.

Moreover, we have dedicated SEO Darwin consultants on hand who’ll work with your locally-based business. No underhanded techniques or hidden agendas. Our Darwin Gurus are dedicated to giving you the hard facts and an SEO strategy that’ll undoubtedly improve your ROI.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our 4.9/5 Google review rating based upon 450+ reviews or our 15+ industry awards highlighting our dedication to giving clients extraordinary results. What’s more, you can check out our selection of case studies with happy clients across a variety of industries who’ve reaped ROI-busting success by partnering with OMG.

Ready to kick your online sales into overdrive? Get in touch with the Online Marketing Gurus today and we can get started on a FREE 50+ page SEO audit worth $2,000 that goes over everything on your current website as well as other channels including socials and Google Ads. Moreover, we’ll even set you up with an in-depth 6-month roadmap that your internal team can put into action right away. So, what are you waiting for? Contact OMG and help your business achieve its digital marketing goals from SEO to Google Adwords today!

Why is Darwin SEO so important?

In an increasingly digital world, SEO in Darwin has never been more essential for long-term business success. With more and more businesses looking to organic search as a source of revenue, search engine optimization has rapidly become a vital pillar in the overall marketing plan. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse and stay ahead of the consumer curve, then spending time on search engine optimization is an absolute necessity.

A key component in all this, especially for businesses in Darwin, is local SEO. By doubling down on your local area, you could see spectacular returns from all search engines with an audience only moments away from your headquarters. By building up your website through SEO in Darwin, you could quickly build up not only brand trust and recognition in the local area, but also create a loyal fanbase that is willing to find out more about your business via other channels including social media.

How can online customer reviews help in Local SEO?

One word: Trust.

That can often make or break the purchasing decision for potential customers wondering if they should spend their hard-earned cash with you or a competitor. Trust in not only delivering a product or service but doing so in a way that meets their quality expectations.

No matter how strong your local SEO is or how much you spend on Google Ads, a negative review - or even a lack of reviews to begin with - can be all it takes to push potential buyers away. When users search for something, you only have a matter of moments to quickly build that trust between you and the consumer. As such, the best way to gain that trust is to encourage your most loyal and loving customers to leave positive reviews.

Through these positive reviews, a consumer will not only gain an understanding of your services but will build trust within your brand. Word of mouth can often be the difference-maker, so be sure to use it to your advantage on all the search engines available.

Let’s increase your sales
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