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What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation Without The Jargon

In 2022, it’s not enough just to have a website for your business. Every brand under the sun has a website (including your competitors). If you want to truly reach your customers and bring in more revenue, you need to have a complete online presence. And that presence? It starts with search engine optimisation (SEO). […]

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SEO vs PPC: Which Should I Invest In Now?

Google processes BILLIONS of searches every single day but 3 in 4 people never scroll past the first page of search results. Read that again. 75% of people NEVER go beyond page one of search results.   It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in or how big your business is. If you want to grow your […]

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12 Click Worthy Ad Copy Examples

Want to know the easiest way to transform your paid advertising campaign into a conversion-making beast? Impactful ad copy. While it might seem a little too simple, a couple of words could mean all the difference between your ad becoming the click-crazy machine it deserves to be or one that gets ignored by everyone entirely. […]

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Top 5 Enterprise SEO Tools For Every Team and Industry (2022 Edition)

Running a large, complex website? Can’t understand why your competitors are outranking you every single time? Don’t know where to go with your search strategy? Here’s a secret: There are 3 factors behind every enterprise page 1 ranking  A clear strategy A competent team executing it A set of powerful SEO tools or SEO Stack […]

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Orphan Pages: How to Find and Fix Them in 5 Steps

Orphan pages are like holes in the bottom of a bucket. Left unchecked, these pages drain your resources — and having them on your website means you’ll never get the most out of your SEO efforts. Every orphan page on your website represents a missed opportunity to reach new customers with your content. What’s more, […]

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The Opportunities and Challenges of Enterprise SEO Strategies

You’re no small business. Your SEO efforts shouldn’t be small either. If you want to significantly drive down your customer acquisition cost (CAC), you need a well-oiled SEO strategy on your side. More specifically, you need enterprise SEO. Enterprise SEO improves your brand’s ROI, while delivering long-term growth in all facets: traffic, rankings, and revenue. But […]

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