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Synergy Scaffolding

How Synergy Scaffolding Achieved 70% More Organic Revenue



More organic revenue


More targeted organic traffic


More keywords ranking page 1


More keywords indexed, meaning better visibility

The challenge

Synergy Scaffolding & Accessories is a thriving construction company offering scaffolding products and services. Their integrated and reliable methodology streamlines every stage of construction. Smooth running projects with complete compliance and risk minimisation are one of the many reasons they're so trusted. 

To further establish their authority in the space as a market leader, Synergy Scaffolding partnered with Online Marketing Gurus. Our team of Gurus implemented a comprehensive, custom SEO strategy that combined technical optimisation with strategic content evolution. Within 7 months of commencing their campaign, the results were already extraordinary. 40% more organic traffic, 70% more organic revenue, and the results just keep getting better. 

Key problems

  • Lack of search engine visibility meaning low website traffic
  • Low volume website traffic means not enough online enquiries
  • The most profitable keywords dominated by the competitors
Case study date 23 November 2018

Our Approach.

The challenge? To solidify Synergy Scaffolding's digital presence in a way that reflected their status as market leader. OMG delivered a comprehensive SEO strategy that catapulted them to the top of search engine rankings. This resulted in waves of more targeted traffic finding their website that translated into mountains more revenue. 
  • Technical onsite optimisation for better search engine visibility
  • Streamlining site content and structure for boosted organic results
  • Targeted link building for solidifying website authority

Let the numbers do the talking.

By first getting to know our clients, we can deliver and execute a digital strategy that works. OMG has consistently delivered explosive growth for Synergy Scaffolding. We tailored an SEO strategy engineered to work. 70% more organic revenue, 40% more organic traffic and the results just keep getting better.

Digital done well with an expert team.
We exist to take the complexity out of digital, whilst delivering real revenue results.
Andrew Raso

First page visibility for explosive results.

In the competitive construction industry, the most profitable keywords are also the most competitive. Proven SEO strategies boosted this client's search engine rankings - resulting in top 3 rankings for the toughest keywords relevant to 'scaffolding', 'scaffolding sydney', and 'mobile scaffold'. 

Breaking down a winning digital strategy.


Local SEO delivered location-specific visibility that translated into revenue.

The key to a successful SEO campaign is first understanding our clients and the industries they operate in. In particular, for companies with location-specific customer bases, local SEO builds the buzz and delivers unique visibility where it counts.


Targeted link building boosted website authority to dominate search engine rankings.

By investing in high quality link building, OMG catapulted Synergy Scaffolding to the top of search engine results. Our targeted strategy ensured they were appearing for the most profitable and relevant keywords.


Streamlining site content and structure improved overall organic results.

Streamlining the website experience is all about optimising for users AND search engines. OMG reviewed overall performance, technical gaps, and content improvements. We then optimised every website page to maximum organic visibility, traffic and conversions.

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