More clicks from PPC ads
Decrease in cost per click (CPC)
Increase in organic traffic
Increase in click through rate (CTR)

The Challenge

Key Problems

Lack of search engine visibility which lead to a lack of organic traffic, and inevitably low sales
Website not attracting enough enquiries, which meant they could not achieve the phenomenal results they wanted
Being outranked by competitors, which meant missing out on a number of significant opportunities that could result in sales and leads
Sydney Shades Sails Case Study

Shade Sails Sydney maintains its reputation as one of Australia’s leading high quality shade solution manufacturers. Today, with so many shades to choose from online, finding the right one for your needs isn’t always a quick, set and done task. Luckily, Shade Sails Sydney specialise in manufacturing and installing sails, privacy screens & awnings alongside providing personalised service.

Shade Sails Sydney combine the convenience of online shopping with over 24 years of experience in professional installation services to bring their customers shades of premium quality at competitive prices.

However, even when you’re a pioneer in the industry, it can be difficult to yield fast and consistent search result traffic. This is the very reason why Shade Sails Sydney partnered with OMG on a stellar SEO and PPC campaign optimised for top placement for targeted search terms. This flexibility provided us with the opportunity to open the doors to the individual needs of the business.

By targeting the right people, at the right time, we were effectively able to help the company grow for both short and long term success.

Operating in a competitive industry, however, meant that Shade Sails Sydney was stagnating in terms of attracting enough enquiries on their website. Our Gurus were able to help them realise what they needed to solve their problem. PPC was merely an enabler.

Since partnering with us in 2015, the results we have achieved for them are unbelievable.

Our Approach

Growing your business in an overly crowded marketplace or becoming the top player in your niche requires strategy at the cutting edge of innovation. This is why we implemented the two legs of search engine marketing that are vital to growing your business online – Pay-per-Click (PPC), and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


Profiling high ranking and top websites and brands to help carve out a niche and invest in channels to capitalise on


Having a solid grasp of the current on-page factors of their website to identify opportunities for growth


Implementing strategies for attracting and gaining high-quality links, including building links with great velocity


Updating our strategy, approach and tactics by finding new items for mastery as the digital landscape evolves

Strategy & Execution

A word from our Happy Client.

After my first meeting, I just knew they’d do a good job. They’d done their homework on my website and had things planned, like a confident taxi driver they knew the fastest routes without breaking the rules. They’re smart professionals—what you need around you in business.

Sydney Shade Sails
Leonard C. - Managing Director
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