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Princess Polly

How Princess Polly Tripled Their Top 3 Rankings


Position 1

Ranking achieved for core industry terms, including 'womens party dresses'


Keywords ranked in top 3 spots

The challenge

Princess Polly is a leading online fashion boutique for women, with a fast-growing customer-base in Australia and the world. Every week, they're adding 100+ new styles to their stores, meaning looking fashionable has never been easier. 

Thousands of women worldwide have fallen in love with the brand, all thanks to their bold personality and beautiful clothing. While Princess Polly began on the beaches of Gold Coast, Australia, they're a leading and 100% independently-owned retailer with global reach. 

As the brand continued to grow, Princess Polly wanted to achieve digital domination — a particularly challenging feat considering the fierce competition in the fashion industry. That's why they secured OMG as their trusted partner for the job. 

We implemented a 12 month SEO strategy, carefully customised to their unique business, industry, and customers. By first diving deep into the numbers and research, we better understood how Princess Polly's customers behaved online — and then tailored a strategy to successfully attract, captivate, and convert them. 

Key problems

  • Fierce competition in the fashion and eCommerce industries
  • Low search engine visibility for core product pages
  • Want to grow customer base across Australia and the world
Case study date 04 April 2019

Our Approach.

For Princess Polly, SEO was about more than securing uplifts in traffic. They were ambitious in growing sales, connecting with floods of new customers, and taking the industry by storm. To achieve their unique version of success, we customised a 12 month SEO campaign. The core strategy leveraged:
  • Optimising website and content structure for achieving sky high rankings where it counts
  • Strategic website authority building to boost search engine visibility
  • Competitor and market analysis to spot growth opportunities
  • Technical and offsite SEO to streamline website and search performance
princess polly flying mock up

Breaking down a winning SEO strategy.


Setting the foundation for SEO success

Did you know that people search for dresses online in over 1,600 ways? To capitalise on the myriad of ways that these ready-to-buy customers were searching online, we began with creating umbrella categories according to characteristics like type, length, size and style. This allowed us to shape the strategy for scalable growth across generic terms (e.g. 'dresses', 'playsuits') and long tail terms (e.g. 'lace cocktail dress').

Existing product pages lumped all dress types together, so we focused first on building out subcategory pages to attract highly qualified traffic. Then we focused link building efforts to grow authority for these unique pages. Soon enough, Princess Polly was outranking their competitors. They also became market leaders for dresses.


Catapulting Princess Polly to the top of rankings.

Engineering SEO success begins with aligning the website with the most profitable and relevant keywords. In particular, Princess Polly had ambitious goals to dominate the dresses space, among others. We optimised all content, leveraged new subcategory pages, and streamlined the website structure to achieve maximum search engine visibility.

The results? Top rankings where it counted most. Within 12 months, OMG helped Princess Polly to rank in the top 3 spots for keywords such as 'dresses', 'womens party dresses', 'playsuits australia', 'mini skirts australia', and so many more. In many cases, we resurrected their rankings from page 5 onwards, to top of page 1.

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