Customer Highlight Story
How Boody Got 59% More Organic Revenue
Boody is a Bamboo Eco Wear Brand loved worldwide for their comfortable, soft and sustainable products. They partnered with OMG on evidence-based SEO.
LTrent Driving School
How LTrent Driving School Gained 220% More Bookings YOY
To build a thriving digital presence for LTrent Driving School, Online Marketing Gurus implemented a multi-channel strategy. Our expert team boosted bookings by 220% YOY and delivered killer ROI, all through synchronising several channels, including SEO, paid search, content and PR.
How Seafolly Reached The Top of Rankings
To get inspired, dive into our Seafolly case study - find out how they were able to successfully grow their business by establishing authority with OMG.
Universal Home Theatre
How Universal Home Theatre Gained 400% More Leads Through SEO And PPC
Ready to turn plateauing performance into hyper growth? This Queensland business made it happen. Discover how Universal Home Theatre invested in an SEO and PPC strategy that skyrocketed their digital success and delivered serious revenue returns.
Noble Loans
How Noble Loans Achieved 5x Organic Website Traffic in 6 Months
Crushing the competition with SEO is possible, even in the most competitive industries like business loans. Discover how Noble Loans achieved 541% more organic traffic and other revenue-shifting results.
Narellan Pools
How Narellan Pools Grew Organic Traffic By 85%
Narellan Pools is an iconic Australia company, famous for their manufacturing, construction and installation of pools. They partnered with OMG on an SEO and PPC strategy to help them make a splash online. The results? Stunning, with 2,600% more paid revenue and 545% more organic revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

Are you the cheapest?

No. We're recognised as the best digital agency in Australia because of our focus on quality, and getting revenue results. No shoddy stuff, or shifty business.There are lots of digital marketing agencies that focus on being cheap, which in turn gets poor results. We're not one of them. Our focus is making you successful (do check out our Google reviews), and providing an intense amount of value to your business.

Why is OMG the best digital marketing agency?

Put simply, we got tired of digital marketing companies wasting people's hard earned money, and we figured there's got to be a better way of doing it.Our whole model is built on putting customer success as the #1 priority and having fun whilst at it.Being transparent, being honest, building real relationships, and delivering revenue results. We invest millions into research and development to make all this possible.No excuses, no complex jargon to mask lack of progress—just real results. Our clients adore us for this, and end up being our biggest advocates. You get what you want from digital marketing, i.e. traffic, leads, sales—without the dramas, headaches & confusion.

Do you focus on big or small companies?

Everyone. Small businesses, enterprises, and all else in between come to us to get their digital cranking. Get results regardless of the size of your company.From tradies, to online retailers, to the biggest enterprises across all verticals, the best digital agencies know that the "formula" is the same to get outstanding results. Chances are, we've already worked with someone just like your business, which makes helping you grow, that much easier.

How long does it take to get started?

Roughly 2-4 weeks, depending on where you're at.The $2,000 free audit will give you a crystal clear overview of where your business is at, an in-depth roadmap, on-boarding, as well in-depth timelines to accelerate your success.