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Natural Necessity Surf Shop

How Natural Necessity Surf Shop Grew Organic Revenue By 105%



Increase in organic revenue


Growth in organic traffic

The challenge

Natural Necessity Surf Shop is an iconic, family-owned-and-run store in Gerringong. First established in 1976, they've since flourished to a team of 60+ people. Even after all these years, their mission is simple: "to enhance Australian coastal life". Their product range offers everything from swimwear and surfboards to Gopros and accessories. 

While their physical store has become a cornerstone of the community, their online store is also a thriving and fast-growing business. Since launching their online store in 2011, they've served 12,000+ Australian customers and counting!

However, reaching millions more surf-loving Aussies online called for a serious digital investment. In the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, new surf shops flooded the scene and leading to an oversaturation. Big brands were pulling all the stops to expand their retail foothold, meaning independent shops were feeling the pressure. 

This meant Natural Neccessity Surf Shop were ready to make a splash. They partnered with OMG to take their online store to the next level. Within 2 years of their campaign, we increased their organic traffic by 43% and organic revenue by 105%. 

Key problems

  • Oversaturated surf shop market meaning tough to stand out and tougher to rank
  • Want to increase foot traffic to physical and online traffic leading to purchases
Case study date 24 April 2019

Our Approach.

Making a splash online is all about staying front and centre where it matters most: at the top of search engine results for the most profitable and relevant keywords.

Every second there are 63,000 Google searches, but the aim isn't to capture everyone that comes through the door. Laser-focused SEO targets only the keywords and opportunities that count — all through a combination of technical and creative strategies.

  • Comprehensive market and competitor analysis to discover growth opportunities
  • Technical SEO to superpower a high-performing website that both search engines and humans will love
  • Streamlining website structure and content to align with (and rank for) the most profitable keywords
  • Strategic link building to boost website authority and search engine visibility
natural necessity flying mockup
Always professional, helpful and provide excellent results! Would definitely recommend no matter how big or small your business is.
Natural Necessity Surf Shop
Forrest Ladkin - Founder

Breaking down a winning digital strategy.


Superpower the website with technical SEO

A high-performing website ticks all the boxes when it comes to what search engines and humans are looking for. Fast, intuitive, visually appealing, easy to navigate. Most of all, it streamlines the experience from the first touch to first purchase and beyond. For Natural Necessity Surf Shop, OMG employed a range of technical efforts including improving site speed, fixing any 301 redirect issues, optimising metadata, and many more.


Hyper-targeted keyword domination

To catapult Natural Necessity to the top of rankings, OMG focused on aligning every website page to the most relevant keywords. Furthermore, we bolstered core category pages with high-quality content — to further improve rankings. As a result, we helped them achieve top 3 rankings for crucial keywords including 'surfboards', 'surfboards online', 'surf wax', 'surfboard fins online', 'fish graphics longboard', and many more.


Rise to the top of rankings

Google's aim is to deliver high-quality and relevant answers for every search query. Part of their measure of quality is looking at how trustworthy a website is. To this day, Google considers every backlink from a reputable and trustworthy source as a vote of confidence — meaning the more quality backlinks you have, the more likely you'll rank. That's why strategic link building is a core part of our ongoing SEO strategy.

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