How Medaesthetics Achieved 10x Organic Search Revenue



More monthly website traffic

20:1 ROI

Revenue gained through SEO

140 keywords

Ranking 1st page

10x more

Monthly enquiries

The challenge

Medaesthetics is a now renowned Australian Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, which focuses on providing services from Liposuction to Anti Wrinkle Injections.

After years of growth, their success had begun to plateau. Different consultants had failed to engineer tangible and long term growth. In fact, some had created other problems affecting Medaesthetics' digital presence. 

Key problems

  • Keyword-stuffing compromised their search engine rankings
  • Website not optimised for search engines AND visitors
  • Slow loading speed of website deterred visitors
  • Website was not mobile responsive
  • Filler and duplicate content damaged their search engine rankings
  • Strategy focused too much on broad keywords
Case study date 22 August 2018

Our Approach.

Partnering with Medaesthetics, we achieved some serious results through crafting a custom SEO strategy. This meant our client hit their business goals in record time! The strategy leveraged Medaesthetics' goals and assets, along with detailed keyword research and proven tactics. In particular, we focused on the following. 
  • Optimising the user experience
  • Perfecting all on-page technical work
  • Focusing on organic search conversions

The results speak for themselves.

Proven SEO practices and strategies, implemented by experienced Gurus, delivered some incredible results. Medaesthetics increased their monthly website visitors (traffic) from 354 to 11,000—an over 2000% boost at over 2% conversion rate. 

They achieved a 201:1 ROI metric on their investments in SEO, meaning revenue-shifting results all around. Furthermore, they began ranking on 1st page for 140 keywords and counting. That's up from no keywords! 

Most of all, Medaesthetics became one of the most recognisable names in the cosmetic and plastic surgery space in Western Australia. They're even ranking for competitive keywords, such as "botox", "liposuction" and "tattoo removal". 

Let the results do the speaking
I trusted what they said and that proved to be the right choice. They’re the top of their game, down-to-earth, friendly and genuine.
Dr Ehsan Jadoon
Cosmetic Surgeon, Medaesthetics

More traffic, leads and sales. Sounds good, right? 

Focusing on organic search is more than looking at how well your website ranks. Our strategy focused on delivering results, in other words revenue. We pinpointed the most profitable keywords and optimised every Medaesthetics page accordingly.

Breaking down a winning SEO strategy


Create a brilliant user experience

Our team of skilled writers, designers, and website developers honed in on the user experience. First, we crafted relevant, informative and engaging content to guide users through the website. This had an immediate impact on bounce rates and average time spent on page: bounce rates were reduced by 175% and the average time spent on-page was increased by 340%!


Optimise every page

Every website page is a chance to convert customers and maximised profits. First things first, we tackle the technical side, optimising title tags, meta descriptions, images and more. Then our tech team increased site loading speed by 450%. Finally, we cleansed the website of all duplicate and low quality content.


Focus on conversions, not rankings

By getting to know the industry, we targeted the most profitable keywords. The aim was to align Medaesthetics and their website with online demand, so they could be in the right place at the time — at the top of search results for click-ready customers.

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