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Incy Interiors

How Incy Interiors Grew Site Revenue By 28%



More organic search rankings in the top 10


Increase in overall monthly site revenue


More transactions from Google Adwords

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Rankings for crucial keywords such as 'luxury baby furniture'

The challenge

Incy Interiors is an Australian online retailer of designer furniture for kids of all ages. In a competitive ecommerce environment, Incy Interiors has just kept growing. It's all thanks to their highest-quality products, dedicated Aussie team, and passionate drive to adapt with change. In fact, they're now shipping their premium products to nine countries and counting! 

It all started in 2011 when Aussie Mum Kristy Withers struggled to find the right bed for her growing boy. And truth is... she wasn't alone! There was a huge gap in the market. Again and again, Kristy saw amazing international products on her travels, yet so many of these products weren't available back home. 

So after a lot of thinking and planning, she took the leap! Kristy left her Marketing position at eBay and launched Incy Interiors. The goal was simple. Deliver luxury children's furniture that families will love. From day one, safety was a huge priority. Parents could have confidence in Incy Interiors because all of their products met stringent safety policies across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe. Plus, they could appreciate the friendliest local service from Incy Interior's Aussie team. 

After 8 years (and counting) in business, Incy Interiors were ready for the next stage of growth. 2017 and 2018 had proven challenging on a business front, with shipments going overboard or getting damaged on the way. That's why Incy Interiors decided to partner with trusted Digital experts at OMG. 

Within 5 months of jumping onboard with the Gurus, the results are looking great. We can't wait to continue partnering with Incy Interiors for the long term! 

Key problems

  • Competitive market for luxury childrens furniture, meaning harder to make a splash.
  • Business challenges with damaged and late product shipments.
  • Plateau in growth, so need to significantly increase online traffic and sales.
  • Looking for dedicated SEO, Adwords and Facebook specialists to support inhouse team.
Case study date 16 December 2019

Our Approach.

Incy Interiors were ready to grow. So the Gurus listened! First, we soaked up every learning from the inhouse team to best understand the Incy Interiors customerbase, goals, and market. Then we formulated an SEO and SEM strategy to help them reach new heights. 

  • Technical SEO to optimise a fast-performing website
  • Hyper-targeted Adwords campaign to capture ready-to-buy customers
  • Comprehensive SEO campaign to boost visibility on the most profitable and relevant keywords
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More Sales, More Growth

Find out a bit more about Incy Interiors and see how Kristy & Jess achieved more sales and growth by working with OMG! 

How Jess & Kristy got 33% more sales from Google Ads
It has been amazing working with OMG, Pete especially is really easy to work with. We've been really happy with our results so far with OMG. We've seen really noticeable year-on-year results through paid, social and organic. The best thing is just having that support when we don't have that expert knowledge.
Incy Interiors
Jessica Condon - Brand & Design Manager
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Breaking down a winning digital strategy.


Developing the foundation for success.

When it comes to online success, your website is where it all begins. That's why our first priority was auditing Incy Interiors' website to find the gaps and mine for opportunity. Early on, for example, we tweaked conversion tracking to ensure the right customer actions were getting tracked on the website. This helped to increase visibility and produce more reliable data for steering the direction of campaigns.

What's more, the website audit combined with our rigorous customer and keyword research. The goal? To pinpoint the most profitable and relevant keywords for their business, and then shape the website structure and content around this.

Only 5 months in and we're already seeing a positive uplift across rankings and traffic.


Integrating channels to achieve client goals.

For the Gurus, success is measured by the goals our customers set. If they win, we win. That's why getting to know our clients forms a crucial part of the onboarding process. Once we intimately know what they're after, then we can apply our specialist knowledge and formulate a plan that actually works.

Often, generating revenue results online isn't so much about choosing channel A vs channel B. Success starts with finetuning how your channels work together. Our work with Incy Interiors involved a combination of channels.

The results? An uplift in monthly site revenue. And that's just the beginning!

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