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Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards

How Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards Grew Leads 72% with PPC



Lead growth, year on year


Growth in organic conversions, year on year


Decrease in Cost Per Lead (CPL), year on year

The challenge

Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards is Australia's leading prepaid Mastercard and Visa gift card provider. Their products are purchased by companies nation-wide looking to share incentives, rewards and corporate gifts. Seeing their monumental growth is proof of a winning idea. 

However, over time they realised that their website wasn't creating the online visibility nor delivering the leads they were looking for—that's why they partnered with Online Marketing Gurus.

Our friendly team of experts helped to accelerate their B2B growth with a digital marketing campaign that maximised multiple channels. We created a custom PPC campaign engineered for generating an explosive ROI. 

Key problems

  • Not attracting the attention of their relevant target market resulting in a lower number of conversion from ideals leads and customers.
  • Rate of website traffic growth was too low to support the team’s ambitious business growth goals.
  • Lack of visibility and accurate data to drive strategic decision making.
  • Needed a roadmap to reach big growth goals over the next 12 months.
Case study date 04 December 2020

Our approach

Engineering a high-converting PPC campaign starts first with understanding our client, their customers, and the market. That's why we dedicated extensive time to keyword research and competitor analysis—and continued this analysis month-on-month to keep our fingers on the pulse.

  • Fully customised PPC strategy with ongoing optimisation and comprehensive reporting
  • Google Adwords campaigns to capture high-intent search traffic
  • Google Shopping campaigns to win ready-to-buy customers
  • Remarketing to convert warm traffic leads
Corporate Prepaid Giftcard Flying Laptop

Breaking down a winning digital strategy.


Deep diving into data.

For the Gurus, success always starts with first understanding everything about our client—including their goals, competitors, industry landscape, etc—through a comprehensive audit. Only then do we formulate an evidence-based strategy that can deliver a high-ROI in the long term.


Ongoing optimisations and experimentation.

The "set-and-forget" approach rarely works. Most campaigns usually need greater attention and optimisations to gain traction in the first three months. After that point is when the real fun begins—because you'll have enough data to start experimenting. Through ongoing optimisation, OMG has managed to radically increase the number of conversions, while decreasing the cost of acquiring customers.


Proactively adapting to new search trends

Due to the economic implications of COVID-19 on the retail landscape, the client needed to adapt their PPC strategy to fit the needs of their consumer in a difficult market. The Gurus were able to deliver a 20.73% increase in monthly conversions and also an 18.84% reduction in CPA. The Gurus set to work revising ad copy based on performance. Then began adjusting Google's Smart Bidding settings.

As a result of understanding the current search landscape, we looked at the trends, the impact of COVID, and the nature of people being online more. We shifted our budgets towards the top-converting campaigns. Finally, we made keyword adjustments using consistent search query report reviews, expanded our negative keyword list, and also built up our keyword targeting by adding the top-performing search terms to our campaigns.

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