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Beauty Point Retirement Resort

How Beauty Point Retirement Resort Grew Organic Revenue By 60%



Growth in organic revenue


Keywords ranking in position 1


Growth in clicks from paid advertising


Growth in organic traffic

The challenge

Beauty Point Retirement Resort is a luxury aged care provider, founded by the local, family-owned construction company Cuzeno Builders and Developers.

Their mission is to provide an exceptional seniors lifestyle for residents. Their honest approach means everyone receives the highest quality care, without any hidden charges. Everything is sorted, from the onsite trained medical staff to the luxurious facilities. Best of all, their experience spans 40+ years and across many kinds of developments, such as residential, commercial and retail. 

The team at Beauty Point Retirement Resort partnered with OMG to grow their digital presence in a way that would create impact. By boosting their visibility online, we ensured they could reach more of their future residents — seniors looking for the ideal lifestyle along the Georges River. 

Our expert team has delivered consistently stunning results. 60% increase in organic revenue, 25% growth in organic traffic, and double the keywords ranking for position 1. And the results just keep getting better. 

Key problems

  • Low search engine visibility for the most relevant keywords
  • Big name competitors outranking this family-owned business
  • Want their paid advertising budget to go further
Case study date 10 December 2018

Our Approach.

To help this family-owned business outshine their big name competitors, OMG delivered a customised digital strategy that delivered. Success began with first understanding the gaps in the market and positioning Beauty Point Resort to stand out online. We implemented targeted SEO and PPC efforts to drive relevant website traffic, conversions and customers. 
  • Comprehensive keyword mapping to align website pages with online demand
  • Technical optimisation to ensure a fast and high-performing website
  • High quality link building to boost website authority and visibility
  • Customised PPC campaigns to deliver a high volume of qualified traffic at a low cost

Let the numbers do the talking.

By first getting to know our clients, we can deliver and execute a digital strategy that works. OMG has consistently delivered explosive growth for Beauty Point Retirement Resort. We tailored a SEO and PPC strategy that continues to create explosive results for the brand. 60% more organic revenue, 25% more organic traffic, and twice the keywords ranking in position 1. And the results just keep getting better.

Digital done well with an expert team.
We exist to take the complexity out of digital, whilst delivering real revenue results.
Andrew Raso

First page visibility for explosive results.

In the competitive aged care sector, the most profitable keywords are also the most competitive. Proven SEO strategies boosted this client's search engine rankings - resulting in top 3 rankings for the toughest keywords such as 'luxury retirement homes', 'luxury retirement villages' and 'retirement resort'. 

Breaking down a winning digital strategy.


Comprehensive keyword research to align Beauty Point Resort with market opportunity

First of all, we focused on keyword and market research. By understanding the lay of the land, OMG then aligned every website page with the most relevant and profitable keywords. This means Beauty Point Resort can achieve the long term and effective search engine rankings that translate into revenue.


High quality link building boosts website authority to ensure skyrocketing rankings

Google factors the number of websites that link to you as a signal of a trustworthy website. That's why high quality link building matters for your digital presence. Our expert team invested hours into a manual link building campaign. This resulted in consistent growth of their backlink profile, which in turn boosted their website authority and rankings.


Technical optimisation to improve overall website performance and speed

The performance and usability of a website are two crucial factors for both Google and everyday users. It could define whether website visitors stay and convert or never find you at all. To maximise SEO results and increase onsite conversions, we implemented strategic technical updates. This included improving site speed and other performance issues.


Customised PPC campaigns reached ready-to-buy customers with relevant ads

Our expert team built and optimised PPC campaigns to reach the right customers at the right time. By testing and adapting, we delivered better and better results every time. 65% more clicks at half the cost per click. And the results keep getting better.

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