Andrew Raso July 12, 2022

Let’s dive into examples of Google Ads campaigns that are absolutely CRUSHING it. These are great if you want inspiration for your next set of ads, or just want to see some of these tips put into action.

Best SaaS Google Ads


Who are they? Squarespace is a leading eCommerce platform that helps businesses create beautiful websites online.

Why we love this ad: It’s simple, clean, and to the point. Squarespace’s punchy headline lures users in, while its short and sharp description stands out from the other ads.

One of the best things that Squarespace has done here is to insert the keyword (“eCommerce platform”) at the very beginning of the ad description. This establishes relevance with users, and the addition of the adjective “best” reassures people that Squarespace is at the top of the pack.

If your goal is to stand out in the crowded search engine results pages, this is a great example to draw inspiration from.

Who are they? is a project management tool that helps teams improve their workflow and streamline communication.

Why we love this ad: This PPC ad has nailed the combination of using social proof and highlighting its key selling points in the ad copy. This ad, which is targeting the search term “team collaboration tool”, positions itself as the leader in the market, while also highlighting three things that every user wants their tool to be: powerful, flexible and intuitive.

On top of that, by reinforcing that 3.1 million teams already use, the ad copy is reassuring users that it’s a proven platform, while also adding a sense of FOMO.


Who are they? Upwork is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with clients.

Why we love this ad: This ad is the perfect combination of killer copy, laser-sharp targeting and strategic ad extensions. In this ad, Upwork is targeting potential clients who are looking to hire specialized talent for their next job — and it shows. The description is focused on highlighting how Upwork’s freelancers are a class above the rest, and builds trust with the use of statistics on rehiring and platform uptake.

But what’s particularly great in this ad is Upwork’s use of ad extensions. Upwork has clearly considered who their audience is and what they’re looking for, then catered their sitelinks to those needs. By inviting people to browse freelancers that are ready to work and highlighting their security features, Upwork gives users no reason NOT to click on this ad.


Who are they? Slack is a secure online collaboration platform that helps organizations communicate in teams and one-on-one discussions.

Why we love this ad: Slack has nailed dynamic keyword insertion in this ad. By targeting keywords related to “instant messaging”, Slack instantly creates relevance with users and stands out in search results without keyword stuffing. The ad copy also does a great job of highlighting the platform’s benefits, from being FINRA and HIPAA compliant to its app integrations, and has an incredibly strong CTA to sign up for free.

Last but not least, Slack’s use of link extensions is absolutely on point. By inviting users to access a demo, view product features and contact the sales team, Slack’s increasing its ad CTR, driving more traffic to its website AND improving its quality score.


Who are they? Dropbox is one of the world’s leading file hosting services for individuals and businesses.

Why we love this ad: There’s no beating around the bush here. Dropbox only communicates the essential information it needs to get the point across for users searching for “cloud storage file sharing”. The first part of the headline includes a variation of the keyword, while the second part leverages Dropbox’s already-strong reputation to get users to click.

When it comes to the ad description, Dropbox knows that less is more. They focus on three clear, impactful points: they talk about their quick and easy file sharing, offer the users a free trial, and build trust with social proof in the form of their 500 million users. Put together, this straightforward and effective ad drives searchers to click through and sign up at no cost.

Best Retail and eCommerce Google Ads

Kate Spade

Who are they? Kate Spade sells designer handbags, jewellery, and dresses to customers around the world.

Why we love this ad: Kate Spade’s ad is a great example of how sitelink extensions can be used to increase clickthrough and direct traffic to relevant parts of a website. These are likely to be their most popular or highest converting website pages, and help users quickly navigate to the section they’re looking for.

Beyond sitelink extensions, this ad also reinforces its credibility by highlighting that it’s the official online store, and incentivizes users to make a purchase with free shipping over £100. It’s also interesting that Kate Spade has departed from the title case format that’s usually used in Google Ads, and instead opted to write the bulk of the ad copy in lower case. This subtle switch helps the ad stand out on the page, while also staying in line with its branding on the website.


Who are they? JBL manufactures high-end speakers, headphones and sound systems for consumers and studios.

Why we love this ad: JBL’s ad is a perfect example of tailoring the ad to the search query and the target audience. This ad description highlights the benefits of wireless headphones (“immerse yourself in music no matter where you are”), then talks about JBL’s diverse product range and USPs to demonstrate that they have the perfect product for every user’s needs. JBL also highlights the fact that they have free shipping — a great way to win over clicks and stop users from going elsewhere.

The ad also takes advantage of Google Ads’ live pricing extension to highlight its latest product and encourage users to discover more. Lastly, for those users who are familiar with the brand, the “Shop JBL Sale” extension is a great CTA that incentivizes clicks with a good deal.


Who are they? Apple manufactures consumer electronics products, ranging from the iPhone to Macbook, iMac, iPad, Apple Watch and more.

Why we love this ad: It might seem counterintuitive for one of the world’s biggest brands to run Google Ads. However, Apple understands that people forget about products no matter how big the company is — and that if they don’t take the top spot in search, one of their competitors will.

While some Google Ads bid on generic search terms, Apple is bidding on their own iPhone keyword. Apple knows that someone who is searching for the iPhone most likely is already aware of the brand, so they use this to upsell the audience on the latest release (at the time). The ad copy highlights the battery life, camera and chip, which piques the user’s interest and makes them want to learn more.

Apple products are notoriously expensive, and the ad also does a great job of making its products seem more affordable. By including monthly installments and trade-ins, Apple lowers the barrier to entry and invites more users to click through and learn about their different pricing options.


Who are they? Airyclub is an online shopping site that sells millions of cost-efficient products made to a high quality.

Why we love this ad: In this Google Ad, Airyclub is specifically targeting people who are searching for tech and electronics products. The team understands the power of numbers and uses this throughout the copy to strengthen their USP and stand out from the competitors, from the 80% savings and £1 starting price to its portfolio of 20,000 products.

What’s more, Airyclub uses their ad real estate to talk about the benefits from shopping with them, including secure purchases, free shipping, speedy and efficient service and fast delivery. These proof points work to build trust with users and grab their attention with an unbeatable offer.

Ann Taylor

Who are they? Ann Taylor is a women’s apparel store that offers classic suits, separates, dresses, shoes, and accessories.

Why we love this ad: Ann Taylor’s ad is a textbook example of Google Ads best practices. This Google Ad is targeting the “blouses for work” keyword, and instantly creates relevance with users by emphasizing their product in the headline. Given that their audience is also likely interested in the latest fashion trends, Ann Taylor also highlights their new spring collection as a way to invite users to click and learn more.

Here’s another thing Ann Taylor has done well: the ad uses local extensions to direct users to the nearest store. If someone’s already looking for work tops, this ad might help drive additional foot traffic into the local Ann Taylor shopfront.


Who are they? Novica is the largest online marketplace for handcrafted fair trade jewelry,

Why we love this ad: There are countless reasons why this is a revenue-generating ad for the “handmade jewellery” search term. First off, Novica understands its strengths and plays into them throughout the ad copy by talking about its fair trade products and including both keywords in the headline and description. The ad also speaks to the social impact of purchasing from Novica in highlighting that, by making a purchase, the user is directly helping global artisans continue their craft.

This would already be a good ad in and of itself, but Novica has taken advantage of extensions to turn their ad from good to great. The 4.9-star review extension goes a long way in adding social proof for a lesser-known brand, while the time-sensitive promotional ad extension creates a sense of urgency and FOMO for users.

Who are they? is an online outlet store that sells affordable beds for any budget.

Why we love this ad: This killer ad is a shining example of how to promote your sale using Google Ads. The headline instantly hooks users in with the biggest ever bed sale, while the ad extensions reinforce this messaging with clear percentage discounts off different bedding products.

The ad description gets straight down to why users should shop from next-day delivery, best price, hassle-free returns, and day-of-choice delivery. also brings its diverse product range to the forefront of a user’s mind with the different types of beds on offer, including leather, bunk, wooden and fabric.

Best Travel and Entertainment Google Ads

Who are they? is an online travel agency that offers savings on hotels, apartments, villas, hostels and resorts around the world.

Why we love this ad: This ad is targeting searches for the keyword “paris hotels”. immediately creates relevance with the user by repeating “Hotels in Paris, France” in the headline, then follows this up with their best price guarantee to reassure users that their service is the most cost-effective.

In the ad description, uses short, sharp sentences to convey the benefits for its audience in an easily digestible way. Meanwhile, the product sitelink extensions highlight that the platform offers so much more than hotels, which strengthens its product offering against other websites like Airbnb.


Who are they? Airbnb is an online marketplace for vacation rentals, homes, hotels and experiences.

Why we love this ad: With this ad, Airbnb has kept it simple — and it works. The ad, which targets searches for “where to stay in new york”, mirrors the query back to users with the headline and highlights the top vacation home listings to make it look like an organic search engine result.

In the description, Airbnb focuses on communicating the sheer volume of their 6,000,000 rentals worldwide and links this back to the audience’s search by inviting them to search for New York City listings. The ad also uses structured snippet extensions to communicate amenities that may be relevant to searchers, such as the fact that it has business travel-ready listings and family/pet-friendly accommodation.


Who are they? Kayak is a travel agency and metasearch engine that scours hundreds of travel sites to help travellers find information on flights, hotels and rental cars.

Why we love this ad: Scouring the web for the best holiday accommodation can be tough. That’s why Kayak highlights the ease and simplicity of its metasearch engine in this Google Ad for the search query “vacation deals hawaii”.

The ad description summarises every benefit in an easy and clear way, ranging from savings to being able to compare hundreds of sites at once. Kayak has also done a great job of plugging in keywords naturally, which increases the ad’s relevance with users.


Who are they? SeatGeek is the world’s largest search engine for concert, sports and theatre tickets.

Why we love this ad: One of the biggest challenges when buying tickets from a third-party provider is the risk that you won’t ACTUALLY get the tickets you paid for. SeatGeek recognizes this barrier to purchase and puts “100% Guaranteed” upfront in the ad to reassure users — then follows that up with the fact that they also have the lowest possible price.

If that wasn’t enough, the ad also goes on to highlight the 100% buyer guarantee in the sitelink extensions, giving users no reason not to click on the ad.

Best Health and Wellness Google Ads


Who are they? Gillette makes safety razors for men and women, as well as other personal care products.

Why we love this ad: Unlike other ads that put their brand name first, Gillette leverages its brand recognition by putting its tagline (“The Best A Man Can Get”) in the headline. The use of the rhetorical question in the headline also gives users the impression that there are countless good options available on their site and invites them to click to find out more.

The description is also short, snappy and succinct, and reinforces the headline by telling users to find their perfect match on the Gillette website. Meanwhile, the sitelink extensions encourage clickthrough by highlighting the company’s different blades and razors, as well as their latest coupons and offers.

Silver Mirror

Who are they? Silver Mirror is a facial bar in the heart of New York City, specializing in facial treatments and peel services.

Why we love this ad: This ad is all about targeting local searches for the term “facials new york”, and they’ve nailed it with their copy. Silver Mirror gets incredibly granular in the headline by calling out that they’re the top facial bar in the user’s area (in this case, Flatiron), and displays the nearest facial bar as a location extension. This is gold when it comes to attracting nearby prospects who may be looking for a quick facial.

We also love that they bring social proof into the mix by highlighting that they were featured in TimeOut NY. This little sentence goes a long way in differentiating Silver Mirror from other competitors that could appear in search results.

Complete Body Gym

Who are they? Complete Body Gym is a collection of health and fitness clubs around New York City.

Why we love this ad: If a user is searching for “fitness classes near me”, you can bet they’re looking for convenience and a good deal. Complete Body Gym addresses both in this short but snappy Google Ad.

Complete Body Gym starts off by highlighting that although they’re a chain, the fitness classes are small group training sessions. This gives the user the impression that they’ll get the individual attention they need, whether they’re attending a fitness class or doing personal training. The mention of unlimited classes and new member discounts is a powerful hook that drives users to click, while the location extensions and sitelink extensions give searchers multiple ways to learn more about the gym.


Who are they? CityMD is an urgent care medical clinic with more than 100 locations across the US.

Why we love this ad: CityMD’s Google Ad is a great example of a brand that uses all the extensions available to them WITHOUT making it look too crowded. This ad uses location extensions to highlight how many spots they have near the user, sitelink extensions to key informational pages on their website, and a call extension in case users want to make an appointment.

When it comes to creative, CityMD repeats the search term “urgent care near me” in the headline to make it as relevant as possible to the searcher. The ad then reinforces this claim with their 7 days a week, 365 days a year schedule and highlights that a person can just walk in to see a doctor immediately.

Other standout examples of Google Ads

Direct Line

Who are they? Direct Line is a leading UK-based car, home, pet, travel, life, breakdown, landlord and business insurance provider.

Why we love this ad: Straight away, Direct Line gives users a reason to click on this ad by saying that they’re not on comparison sites. This headline tells a user that if they want to purchase insurance with Direct Line, this is the only place to get it. This unique point of difference is sure to boost click-through rates, especially given a lot of comparison websites may also appear in search engine results.

The ad description goes further and highlights some of the insurer’s USPs, such as offering 24/7 coverage across the UK and an onward travel service. The social proof of being 5-star Defaqto rated gives users a compelling reason to click through to their website. Last but not least, the sitelink extensions make it easy for users to quickly navigate to common pages, such as to get a car insurance quote or learn about multi-car insurance.

Rental Cars

Who are they? Rental Cars is a comparison website that offers the best rental prices on luxury, economy and family rentals.

Why we love this ad: Here’s another fantastic example of a Google Ad that combines killer ad copy with Google Ad extensions to stand out in search results. Rental Cars instantly draws the user’s eye in with a headline that mentions rentals for as little as £4 a day, then reinforces this with the product extension at the bottom with the pricing for a Mini Cooper.

With rentals for a few pounds a day, it’s only natural that users might be worried about low-quality vehicles or being ripped off. Rental Cars combats these fears and builds social proof with star review ratings — reassuring users that they’re a brand to be trusted, and driving them to click through to learn more.

Tree Ring Digital

Who are they? Tree Ring Digital is a digital marketing agency that operates out of Denver, Colorado.

Why we love this ad: If your digital marketing agency can’t create a standout Google Ad, it’s time to look elsewhere. Luckily, Tree Ring Digital hits the nail on the head with this ad. Tree Ring Digital plays into their roots by highlighting the fact that their websites are designed in Denver, and even include their address, Google Maps listing and opening hours to reinforce the message further.

The agency also includes the target search query (“website design”) multiple times throughout the ad copy without keyword stuffing. This shows the user that their ad is relevant, while also showcasing the different services they have on offer.

General Assembly

Who are they? General Assembly is an educational provider that specializes in cultivating in-demand skills with courses in coding, UX design, data science, software engineering, digital marketing and more.

Why we love this ad: General Assembly keeps it simple in this ad, and it works. The copy speaks to the fact that the courses are taught by industry pros, and lists a number of different languages that its audience may be looking to learn. They’ve also strategically used sitelink extensions that speak to their target audience. Given that a large number of applicants might already be in the workforce, General Assembly highlights corporate team training and financing options as two links underneath the ad, as well as full-time courses for those looking to make a career change.

The devil is truly in the detail when it comes to this ad. The use of the CTA “Apply now” instantly makes users feel like there are limited spots, which increases their likelihood of wanting to click through and apply. The display URL “” works to legitimize General Assembly’s course as well, by mirroring the same format as other higher education institutions.

Rocket Homes

Who are they? Rocket Homes connects consumers with real estate listings on the market, and helps them get in touch with a top-rated real estate agent to buy their dream home.

Why we love this ad: Rocket Homes is targeting searches for “real estate agents near me” with this ad. They’ve done an incredible job of making the ad relevant to the search query by repeating the keyword back in the headline, and highlighting that buyers can work with a local expert that’s rated by their peers.

Their sitelink extensions also include a number of CTAs for the user, which gives them multiple opportunities to click. Rocket Homes knows some people may be looking to buy a home and some may be looking to sell, so they include both in their extensions. At the same time, they make it easy to get in touch with the team or learn more about the business.

Progressive Provider Services

Who are they? Progressive Provider Services (PPS) offers simplified cost reporting preparation, software, training and review.

Why we love this ad: PPS is targeting searches for “medicare cost reports”, which have a set due date every year. This ad creates a sense of urgency with a countdown timer in the headline, which reminds users that it’s time to submit their Medicare report — and then directs them straight to PPS.

Although PPS’ ad is brief, this works in their favour. The copy is targeting people who are rushed for time and want to find a trustworthy provider that can help them get the job done. The sitelink extensions are also simple, to the point, and specifically tailored for information that’s relevant to cost reports.

Injury Lawyers 4U

Who are they? Injury Lawyers 4U is a well-known legal provider in the UK that offers advisory for clinical and medical negligence, accidents at work, personal injury, road traffic accident claims, and more.

Why we love this ad: Injury Lawyers 4U capitalizes on their already-strong brand in the UK by leading with their name in the headline and following it up with “Expert Legal Advice”. When combined together, this headline conveys trust to the reader and instantly strengthens the association with Injury Lawyers 4U and its expertise.

In the description, Injury Lawyers 4U gets straight to the point. They instil a sense of FOMO in users by saying that they will help them get the compensation they deserve — implying that if they go with another provider, they may get less than they’re entitled to. The ad then lists out the different services they offer to build relevance with their users, and entices them to click with their service-based sitelink extensions.

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