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We get asked a lot these days. “what is the difference between your SEO and company X, Y and Z” and “what makes SEO different from one company to another” . This is a great question and one which has a huge impact on Small to Medium sized businesses. Lets face it, if you make a mistake in choosing the wrong type of SEO for your business, and SEO generates 70 to 80% of your leads you could potentially be in a lot of trouble!

The blog article will go over:

  1. The fundamentals of SEO and what makes websites rank. We must understand this before we talk about which tactics are better.

  2. What is the difference between SEO before the penguin 2.0 update and now?

  3. What are the consequences of doing each with examples.

What makes websites rank? Before discussing white hat and black hat techniques and mechanisms/methods for achieving rankings we must first understand what makes websites rank. This can be seen on our site but is briefly explained below:

When Google looks to rank a site they look at 2 things

  1. Your relevancy: How relevant is your site to a search term, both to your end user and to Google (when google reads your site, remember its a algorithm not a human)

  2. Your authority: How popular and how much authority your site holds (this is determined by how much your site is being talked about on the web and linked to)

What is the difference between old SEO tactics and new age post penguin integrated search tactics.

Old tactics for SEO:  Older styles of SEO usually involve search engine deception, and faking the above relevancy and authority. In this your SEO agency will try to imitate what relevancy and authority look like to a search engine to decieve Google or your search engine of choice into ranking your website well. These go against the guidelines of the search engines as they dont want website owners to “fake” Relevancy or having authority.

Consequences of older styles of SEO: Older “SEO tactics” work in the short term, sites will generally trod along well for a few months getting insane growth before either being deindexed or ‘penalised

The penalised site above using deceptive search engine tactics went from a keyword reach (showed up in google for) of over 120 keywords, in a single month this dropped after the site got picked up for deceptive SEO to under 40 and has wittled away to 0….not pretty for the business owner.

This is another mugshot of the same site, as you can see they went from nearly 3,000 visitors a month to under 750 in one month.

Ways in which deceptive old styles of SEO are done:

  • Stuffing keywords in text to build up relevancy

  • Hiding keywords and metadata on the back end of your site to trick the search engines

  • Building lots of links from low quality sites to show the search engine you are an authority (Google has gotten a lot smarter and can now differentiate crappy links from good links)

New age SEO after Penguin 2.0: After Penguin 2.0 the Google search algorithm got a lot smarter and has made it near impossible to trick the above elements. New age integrated search tactics look to naturally build up your site’s relevancy and authority, ie not faking it!. Good integrated search strategies are within the guidelines of the search engines and involve combining Online PR, Technical SEO, Research, Social Media and planning (not so easy, but the rewards are huge).

Consequences of organic new age SEO strategies:

  • Although taking a bit longer than the spammy older stuff have a much bigger effort on your overall online appearance than black hat.

  • Will generate market share online that is harder for your competitors to copy

  • Usually means you will rank for the most competitive short tail keywords as google is now rewarding quality not quantity.

You can see above a site using a integrated organic search strategy (one of ours!) Although you don’t see the rapid growth, you can see their online keyword reach and market share over 6 months has gone up nearly ten fold (not in 1 month). The growth is large, and steady!

Ways in which integrated organic search strategies are done.

  • Online PR: Looking for relevant opportunity to get your business featured on other sites to gain real quality links.

  • Technical SEO: Boosting up the relevancy of your site through technical SEO elements such as site structure, internal linking, title tags etc.

  • Content marketing: Producing quality content for your website to engage readers and encourage others to share your content.

  • Examples of this, Blogging, Infographics, Helpful widgets , how to guides etc.

How can knowing the difference between the two be a make or break for your business?

As you can see from the above, for most businesses 70-80% of their leads and traffic will come from SEO so you can imagine how for a Small to Medium business or even large enterprise that suddenly losing your SEO can have an adverse effect on your business.

Conclusion: Although new age integrated search strategies may take a little bit longer, they will not only provide greater and stronger growth but will mean that you can be rest assured that your business has long term growth. Old school SEO will give you quick and cheap thrills, and get your business up there for 2-3 months but leave you high and dry after a few months.

Andrew Raso
CEO & Co-Founder
Andrew is the CEO of OMG and one of the founding members. He has a long illustrious career in the SEO and SEM industry and has written for many prestigious websites, including,,, and He was also featured on Sky News Business and awarded the 30under30 award by Anthill.