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Ready to own the room in every discussion about business growth? Want to create revenue results that make you look good? Digital marketing done well is what your company needs. This comprehensive Digital Marketing Game Plan shows you how! Download this eBook FREE today.

For today's businesses, investing in digital marketing is no longer optional. 

However, sometimes things don't go to plan. 

Does this sound like you? 

  • Campaigns are delivering an unclear return 
  • Channels seem to operate in silos 
  • Sales and marketing just aren't in sync 
  • Greater focus on short term than long term 
  • Challenge to create and demonstrate business impact 
  • Not sure if current strategy will achieve the results 


Many factors can keep ambitious goals out of reach, such as rising marketing costs, difficult stakeholders, unclear strategy, and lack of resources. 

However, that doesn't change the unshakeable, data-driven truth. 

Digital marketing can and should be your ultimate revenue driver. 

Marketing can and should be a revenue driver. However, it comes with a cost. Time. This guide maps the way for business and marketing leaders.

That's why we've created this downloadable guide. 

As Digital Gurus with years in the industry and 1,000+ happy clients, we've tried, tested and proven the digital marketing strategies that work. Furthermore, we're always testing new tactics and platforms.

In particular, we have extensive experience in partnering with companies on digital marketing that works. We're talking bespoke multi-channel strategies that unify channels to maximise ROI. 

Over the years, OMG Gurus have achieved: 

  • 230% more digital marketing revenue for a local distillery
  • 176% more website traffic for an iconic manufacturer of art supplies
  • 300:1 ROI for a popular streetwear fashion retailer 
  • 190% more organic conversions for a boutique dentist 
  • 310% more organic revenue for a construction company 
  • 300% more conversions for a SaaS company 


Are you ready to own the room in every discussion about business growth? Download our guide full of our years of growth insights. 

Introducing the Digital Marketing Game Plan, for business and marketing leaders making revenue impact with digital marketing.

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The Digital Marketing Game Plan features 75+ pages of proven strategies, templates, and techniques. 

Free Guide
Digital Marketing Game Plan

So what does this guide include? The Digital Marketing Game Plan is divided into 5 sections: 

  1. Let's talk about budget 
  2. Establishing your sales and marketing ecosystem 
  3. Closing the loop 
  4. Mapping the way with personas 
  5. Getting the results, channel by channel 


Also included are printable downloads that you can keep on using for every single campaign. 

  • Template for setting a marketing budget and establishing SMART goals 
  • Template for creating a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to unit your sales and marketing teams 
  • Template for interviewing personas in order to gather the right information when building marketing personas 
  • Template for streamlining your content process with clear and actionable steps from ideation to publication to promotion


That being said, this guide isn't designed for everyone. You will find it most valuable if  you're ready to invest time, energy and at least 10% of revenue targets into your marketing. 

In contrast, this guide is likely not up your alley if you want overnight success, are looking for cheap, are don't see marketing as a long term investment.

This guide is for you if you're ready to invest time, energy, and money. This isn't for you if you want cheap, fast, and short term. 
Andrew Raso - Co-Founder & CEO

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

75+ pages of proven strategies, templates and insights. All for free.

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Free Guide
Digital Marketing Game Plan

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